Children's dentistry

Santé Dental is a family practice. We encourage families to bring their children in at a young age. The Canadian Dental Association recommends that a child's first dental visit be at one year old. Early detection of oral complications can be extremely helpful. Santé Dental is here if you are seeking a gentle dentist. Halifax based and French speaking, we are here for your children’s dentistry needs. We take pride in providing a calming, professional setting in which to give dedicated, careful dental care. 

Dr Chiasson and Dr Fredette both have their own children so they understand that visiting the dentist with a small person can be a stressful experience, for parent and child alike. They are experienced with providing children’s dentistry in Halifax and aim to give the smoothest possible service without compromising on quality.

At our family dentist in Halifax we aim to nurture a warm, safe environment. It is recommended that families bring their children for their first dental examination at a young age, most would recommend one years old. This will get them used to the process of visiting the dentist and allow our dentists to detect oral issues as early as possible. 

Aside from maintaining and treating teeth, we also take great pride in educating our patients. The early stages of a child’s development are essential to form good habits which will benefit them throughout their later life. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent serious dental issues developing. If these good dental habits are established at a young age then the risk of complications further down the line is greatly reduced. We also perform hygiene services to give your child’s teeth a deep clean and can provide advice on products to continue good oral health habits at home. 

If you are trying to find a gentle dentist in Halifax for your children, whatever their age, click here to request an appointment at Santé Dental. We also offer a French-speaking service. 

Venez nous voir a Santé dental pour une dentiste Français en Halifax.