Dental Crowns and Bridges

Also referred to as “dental caps,” the Santé Dental team utilizes crowns & bridges to enhance the appearance & health of your smile. These procedures are useful for teeth suffering from chips, discolouration, decay or breakage. A filling is not always an appropriate way to deal with broken teeth. A filling requires there to be substantial remaining tooth material, on which to place the composite resin. If there is not a sufficient amount then a crown may be considered by your dentist. Halifax dental practice Santé Dental is here to accommodate your needs regarding dental crowns and other alternatives to mend damaged teeth. Crowns could also be used for aesthetic purposes to cover discoloured teeth. They are a hard-wearing ‘shell’ for teeth that will keep them protected and provide a more robust surface for chewing. For more details on cosmetic dentistry in Halifax

Crowns are also an option for use in bridges. Dental bridges are for gaps in the mouth, which can cause strain to the jaw if not addressed. Crowns are used to anchor conventional dental bridges. With this treatment, crowns are cemented onto the teeth next to the gap where the missing tooth would be. The teeth either side of the missing tooth are required to have the enamel removed to allow room for the crowns on top. 

Other bridges types include Cantilever. They are similar to conventional bridges but only need to be supported by one tooth. The risks of this type could be loosened crowns due to this method of anchorage. Maryland bridges are another type that is held by a framework attached to the back teeth. These bridges are less stable than other types, since it is adhere using resin rather than a crown. Bridges supported using implants are perhaps the most robust type. They feel much more similar to natural teeth. If you are looking for a provider of bridges using dental implants in Halifax, look no further than Santé Dental.