Orthodontics Dentistry

At Santé Dental, we work with a trusted team of orthodontics specialists for your comprehensive orthodontic needs, including braces and Invisalign. If you are considering braces, please do not hesitate to ask us at your initial visit or your next dental hygiene appointment. We can discuss your objectives and refer you to an orthodontist that best fit your needs.

At our family dental clinic in Halifax we take great care in providing quality children’s dentistry. Aside from educating patients on good oral health habits, we make sure to observe the alignment of teeth and how they grow.  The growth of teeth and their healthy development are essential to mitigate future oral issues, especially at an early age. Orthodontics is the focus of occlusion, biting and the straightness of teeth in dentistry. We recommend that you take your child to the dentist once they reach the age of one. This will prepare them for future dental visits and give them a solid foundation for a future of healthy teeth.

Teeth alignment is important to address at an early age. If teeth are coming through crooked, it can dramatically raise the risk of preventable dental issues in the future. One way to tackle this is using dental aligners, or braces. This device gradually straightens the angle in which teeth come through the gums, with varying timescales depending on the situation. The ideal age for braces (if they are required) is between 10-14 years. 

Invisalign™ is a new development of the conventional dental braces. Unlike its predecessor, these aligners are removable. They are clear plastic devices that are created using a 3D scanning technology, usually the iTero scanner. They have been shown to align teeth faster than conventional braces and have a much more discreet appearance. Invisalign™ aligners are custom fitted and are replaced every 2-3 weeks as progress is made. As with all dental procedures, they are not for everyone but if you are interested you should ask your dentist. Halifax based practice Santé Dental is here to advise you on the most suitable options for your misaligned teeth.

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