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Defend your smile from sport injuries or teeth grinding with custom mouth guards, fabricated specifically for you! Enjoy your favourite activity in confidence or enjoy a restful night of sleep! 

We are an emergency dentist in Halifax, able to treat and restore teeth after injury. Although we feel the most effective approach is to mitigate potential damage to teeth, wherever possible. If you lead an active lifestyle and play sports then you may want to consider a mouth guard. You may have seen them used in contact sports such as hockey or American football. Most sports have the potential to cause injury to teeth. (If you are a basketball fan, you may have seen player Steph Curry infamously chewing on his own mouthguard!) Most sports have the capacity for accidental injury, whether it is from the ball itself or a stray elbow another player.

Sports Guards

If you lead an active lifestyle then a mouthguard could save you a trip to the emergency dentist. In Halifax, Santé Dental can tailor a custom-fitted mouthguard for you. The benefits of a custom-made mouth guard are as follows:

  • Designed to fit the unique shape of a person’s mouth
  • Evenly distributed materials to ensure a stable fit
  • High quality material to curb risk of ‘bite-through’
  • Sufficient airflow to aid breathing
  • Durable for active sports
  • Protects more than other guards such as ‘boil and bite’ versions

The cost of a custom-made mouthguard is higher than other types. However, the price of potential emergency surgery could be much more. There are other kinds of mouthguards available, such as the boil-and-bite which requires the material to be softened by warm water before a bite impression is made. These mouthguards can be sufficient but do wear down over time. Depending on the frequency you play sports, this may inform the type of mouthguard you wear and the amount you would want to pay.  

Bite Appliances

Mouthguards also have useful application for those who grind their teeth, otherwise known as ‘bruxism’. This can cause damage to teeth, along with jaw ache, if it is not properly addressed. For sleep teeth grinding, this can be provoked by nicotine, caffeine or alcohol consumption. It can also be symptomatic of stress or certain medications. If you wake up feeling a sore jaw or gums, mention this to your dentist.

If you need advice on the most suitable option for you, consult your local dentist in Halifax at Santé Dental. We also provide a French speaking service. Venez nous voir a Santé dental pour une dentiste Français en Halifax.